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Chad Hamilton
Wellness Counselor & Food Guru

A straight-talking Oklahoma-born country boy at heart, Chad Hamilton's mission is to teach people about food and how to eat real things.  He does this through a passion-infused, winning combination of hard-core smoothie making, nannying, health counseling, grass feeding cows, snazzy dressing, crossfitting, amateur modeling, beer connoisseur-ing, kettlebell and lightsaber swinging, boxing, and indiscriminately educating those who wish to know and sometimes, hopefully, those who don't.  Chad is particularly committed to shaping young minds whether encouraging adventurous eating and critical thinking at DC elementary schools, or as a professor teaching Alternative Medicine to western medical students. For a taste of his delicious brand of wisdom with a sprinkling of badass, check out his twitter feed @EatRealThings.  Also, another thing about Chad, he doesn't mind spending money on shoes.