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Sound The Alarm! Listen To What Your Dogs Are Saying

By Kevin Simpson, WHS Director of Training and Behavior

In the wee hours one morning I awoke to my youngest dog, Dallas, barking at some random noises coming from outside my house.  In my half-conscious state I told her to go back to sleep and ignored her - not realizing that the house directly behind mine was a blazing inferno.  Had she been a person, she would have called 911.  But as a dog, in essence, I am her 911 when things aren’t right ...I just wasn’t answering her call that morning. 

5 Reasons to Have a Family Game Night

5 Reasons to Have a Family Game Night

This story comes to us from Cher Murphy:

FIV cat looking to live a long life!

FIV cat looking to live a long life!

The first words that you think of when you see Laurel are “pretty” or “affectionate”, not “sick”. She isn’t ill, but Laurel has Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV). Cats with FIV can eventually develop feline AIDS, but many FIV positive cats live healthy for many years without symptoms and some never show any. Right now, Laurel is simply carrying the virus and is not symptomatic. She is energetic, playful and loves to get attention! 

Like the other animals in our care, WHS is looking to give Laurel the best life possible. Her new parent won’t need to treat her any differently than any other cat. He or she would just need to monitor her health and take her to the vet if she seems tired or blue. She’ll need to be an only cat because there is a chance that she could pass the virus along to another kitty, but other than that she will be an ideal family pet.

HAUGHTY COSMETICS LAUNCHES IN DC: Launch Event will Benefit Becky’s Fund

HAUGHTY COSMETICS LAUNCHES IN DC: Launch Event will Benefit Becky’s Fund

WASHINGTON DC----- Haughty Cosmetics, a new luxury makeup line founded by Michelle Coyle, will launch in DC with an event benefiting Becky’s Fund, a non profit organization focused on domestic violence awareness and education, on March 10. Haughty’s mission is to empower women to feel beautiful inside and out while raising money and awareness for domestic violence prevention.

Coyle, 29, founded Haughty after realizing that she could make a difference for countless women by combining her love of cosmetics with her passion to end relationship violence. The resulting product line pledges 50 percent of its profits to domestic violence prevention education. “I am so proud to be launching a company founded on one of my core beliefs: that true beauty comes from empowering others”, Coyle said.

Coyle is proud to partner with Becky’s Fund because they share a common life goal: preventing as many young women as possible from entering into violent and unhealthy relationships.

Together, Let's End Domestic and Dating Violence


Please view and share this video message. The video is directed at the important women who complete our lives, and each time the video is viewed, 4 cents will be donated to Becky's Fund. Becky's Fund is a non-profit organization based in Washington, D.C., and it focuses on domestic violence awareness and education.

For more information about Becky's Fund and how you can make a difference in the fight against domestic and dating violence, visit www.BeckysFund.org.