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Are Your Conscious Dietary Choices Contributing To Planetary Destruction?




The idea of your personal diet having a significant environmental impact has gained a more widespread airing, as this is on the whole a wonderfully positive trend.  It certainly will affect our chances of surviving intact well into the future, and it has numerous fringe benefits as well. 

But most importantly, the budding food-ecology idea is helping us become more receptive to discoveringquality in our own lives, in our food, and in our planetary surroundings.

However, in my opinion, many folks have missed some critical points in the whole issue of choosing food from the bigger picture. 

Eat Your Heart Out, America

Overeating is one of the worst forms of stress on your heart.  When you overeat, you tax every system of your body and increase the burden on your cardiovascular system.  But most important, when the stomach distends from excessive food volume it compresses the aorta and the arteries around the upper abdomen and pushes up against the diaphragm.  This restricts both lung and heart movement, potentially leading to serious heart disease.  Be good-hearted and eat moderately.  Take some breaths between bites.  Eat a little slower and enjoy the moment. 

The Dogma Of Diet

My experience with natural food diets has shown there are two primary reasons people have for choosing one of the many types available.  

Food VS Nutrition

Modern nutrition determines the healthiness of a food by isolating its vitamins, proteins, minerals, fats, and other constituents.  Choosing your foods based on the results of nutritional analysis, while it may help you become aware of your health needs, does not help you to know food intimately, which is where true health lies.  It is not the beta-carotene found in squash or carrots that makes these vegetables important food choices.  Vitamin C is not a valid reason to eat citrus fruits, nor should lycopene be the reason for eating tomatoes.  For a medical professional or other dietary professional to prescribe or suggest to someone an isolate nutrient like those just mentioned is quite a shame, for it helps no one.  

How Far Would You Travel For Your Food?

Do you ever wonder what Wonder Bread is really made of, or how many miles that head of lettuce has traveled? There's nothing like fresh, whole, organic foods to maintain your health and well-being. Farm-fresh produce and meats go directly from the source to your table, leaving little time for nutrients and it's natural vibration to be lost. Many foods at your supermarket have been picked or slaughtered weeks or even months before they make it onto the shelf. Most of these items are preserved by nitrogen or other artificial means, making them appear fresh. Moreover, foods treated with pesticides and artificial fertilizers have lower nutritional value than foods growing organically.

Take care of your local producer. Visit your local farmers market, support and join your local CSA. The money you spend on your food speaks louder than you can ever imagine, spend it wisely.


A Change In The Guard

Friends, we are in the midst of a global paradigm shift in health care. At the center of these changes are health and nutrition counselors, wellness coaches of various niches and specialties, acupuncturists, organic farmers, independent film makers, and the list now goes on and on. For example, healing modalities like TCM and Ayurveda are healing systems which promote health using natural, nontoxic substances and which recognizes the important role of the mind and emotions. A paradigm is a model used to explain how and why events happen the way they do, and as mankind's comprehension of the universe evolves, new paradigms emerge. The best example of paradigm shifts is in the field of modern physics. The classical Newtonian explanation of the world which for two hundred years was accepted as reality has now been replaced by quantum mechanics, superstrings, and field theory. In the old paradigm, every event had a definite cause and every action had an equal and opposite reaction.

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