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The Addiction Of Food | Environment

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The Addiction Of Food

The word "addiction" derives from the Latin adducere, meaning to lead toward.  When you are addicted, whether it is to a food or a type of situation (or for that matter, to another person or type of relationship), it means you are led toward that food, situation, person, or relationship.  Compulsively led.  Reactively led.

So, if you are being led -- who or what does the leading? 

You do.

There are no addictive foods -- only addictive behavior patterns.

Yes, you may be entrained by a situation or a food.  But don't forget the dynamics of entrainment:

     The lesser is to the greater as the greater is to the whole.

In an addictive pattern, you may have allowed yourself to play the role of the lesser.  But you wrote the script -- and you are still writing it.  And the role of the "greater system" is still available for recasting.

Much of this reactive choice comes from the simple fact that emotional experiences are draining and exhausting (negating).  Usually, the reaction is intended -- whether consciously or unconsciously -- to replenish, recharge, and emotionally satisfy oneself with a favorite food.  But reactive food choices not only support the present emotion, they also prepare the psyche for more reactions that will continue to negate your life.  The  next time you experience an upsetting emotional problem, try eating small quantities of wholesome real foods, breathe deeply, get physically active, and watch what happens to your emotional state. 

If you find yourself regularly choosing extreme foods through reaction, you are out of control with food.  When you are out of control with food, you will not be satisfied, nor will you be nourishing your authentic self.  Eating a quart of ice cream when you are depressed, lonely, sad, will not nourish you, inspire you, or improve your emotional state.  It will feed and increase your depression. 

The essence of proactive choosing is simply to really choose your food.  Don't let it choose you -- or control you -- and do not underestimate the power of food, because if you let it, it will entrain and control you.