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Bend, Don't Break | Community Spirit

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Bend, Don't Break

Bamboo is prized in Asia not only for the usefulness of its sprouts as food, its inner stem as medicine, and its stalk as constructive material, but also for its cultural significance as a symbol for flexibility. The supple plant is able to survive even the most devastating storms. Our lives, too, are filled with unexpected happenings, and those who are successful at adapting to change have better health and more fulfilling lives. Possessing flexibility as a personality trait can assist greatly in the recovery from illness; emotional and physical. Try not to become overly attached to a specific outcome: stay on the course you have charted for your life, but understand that when barriers present themselves you'll sometimes have to take a detour in order to get back on track. Practice stretching, yoga, tai chi: being physically flexible can encourage the same trait in your personality.