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Foster Monday: Pepper | Community Spirit

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Foster Monday: Pepper
Foster Monday: Pepper

This week we get to know Pepper! Pepper is enjoying life with her foster caregiver, our own VP, External Affairs & Chief Programs Officer Scott Giacoppo. Learn more about this feisty kitty below, and help her find a home this week!

Entertainment is one thing that Pepper is always guaranteed to provide. Whether it's chasing an imaginary object or suddenly appearing in unexpected places, Pepper is enjoying her kittenhood to the fullest extent.

Since coming into our house she learned right from wrong immediately—never getting up on the counters or scratching the furniture, Pepper seems to take the rules of the house and find ways to entertain herself (and us) without problem. She does not enjoy being chased by her foster sister dog as much as she enjoys doing the chasing. She has learned how the other cats in the house play, and quickly adjusted to their style. Her favorite toys include the laser light, a fluffy ball, feather toys, and unsuspecting wagging dog tails. She absolutely loves the company of other animals, so if you are looking to bring a second cat (or a third or fourth!) into your family, Pepper is the one. She instantly makes friends and brings out the kitten in older cats!   

To meet Pepper, e-mail Scott at sgiacoppo@washhumane.org.