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Best Salad I've Ever Ate: Dupont Circle | Restaurants

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Best Salad I've Ever Ate: Dupont Circle
Best Salad I've Ever Ate: Dupont Circle

I feel kind of weird about this "Best Of" article.  Why?

Because of the fact I always write about how D.C. is the city of the hidden gem and that I don't believe I've ever written a "Best Thing I've Ever Ate" article about a chain restaurant.  

Regardless of the history of this column though, today I break the mold, and firmly stand by my statement that the Monterey salad at Chop't is the Best Salad I've Ever Eaten in or around Dupont Circle.

First off, I know that there are probably fancier places like the Daily Grill or The Palm around Dupont with fantastic salads.  For me, though, I'm not crazy about a giant fancy salad that costs an arm and a leg---hitting up Chop't for the reasonably priced Monterey entices me much, much more.

So what is in this phantom salad?  It's nothing too complicated, just incredibly fresh, crisp ingredients.  

  • Grilled Chicken
  • Pepper Jack Cheese
  • Red Onions
  • Tortilla Chips
  • Iceberg Lettuce

I also add corn and grape tomatoes for a small extra fee which is well worth it---still stays under 10 bucks.

And while the components that make up the Monterey aren't entirely exciting, like any dish at Chop't, the dressing makes the salad.  Chop't has over two dozen dressing options, but with the Monterey, the Sweet and Smokey Chipotle is the way to go. Choose this route and your Monterey will have the perfect crunch from the Iceberg and Tortilla chips, and the perfect spice from the pepper jack and the dressing.  It's really, really good.

While my favorite is the Monterey, one of the great things about Chop't is the fact that it really does have something for anybody who enjoys a good salad.  The ingredient bar includes a variety of tastes from beets to bacon, from apples to artichokes, from shrimp to salami, and everything in between.  The amount of different salad combinations customers can make at Chop't is off the charts.

Chop't has two locations with proximity to the Circle, one at 1105 1/2 19th St. NW, and the other at 1300 Connecticut Avenue. The 19th Street shop is open every day but Sunday, while the Connecticut Avenue spot is open seven days a week. 

So that's what I think.  In my humble opinion my favorite salad in Dupont comes from Chop't.  But what say you? 


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