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Best New Food Truck In D.C. | Restaurants

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Best New Food Truck In D.C.
Best New Food Truck In D.C.

As you know by now, I, like many of you, am a big fan of the D.C. food trucks.  However, as the concept and practice of the food truck continues to spread throughout the city, I have been growing slightly concerned that the standards of what a good food truck is might be slipping.  I was beginning to fear that as certain food trucks gained a strong reputation, that they might be getting less concerned with their product.

That was my thought process.  And then I had Sabor’a Street.

The bright yellow truck blasting Latin beats and serving up Latin American cuisine is the real deal.  After opening in late February, the truck has gained steam quickly.

“We've been successful so far thanks to hard work, quality ingredients, and fresh, homemade food,” Said Christine Sarapu, Sabor’a Street co-owner.  “Jorge[Pimentel, chef & co-owner] is a fantastic chef.  We also have a wonderful following of great people on Twitter and Facebook, and we have received great reviews and feedback from them about our food.”

Food wise, Sabor’a Street doesn’t have a huge menu, but it really doesn’t need one.  The truck serves arepas, which are kind of like cornmeal cake sandwiches, filled with your choice of pulled beef brisket, pulled chicken, or latin-style barbecue pork.  My suggestion is go with the pork…that’s what I had, and it’s ridiculously good.

Sarapu says the truck’s cuisine is making it stand out in the food truck crowd.

“We are a chef-driven concept, and everything is made to order,” Sarapu said.  “We are tapping into culinary traditions that are not widely known, and we are bringing them to the streets of D.C..  Many people naturally think of Mexican food when they think of ‘Latin food’. But, Latin America, the Caribbean, and Spain have such rich and diverse culinary traditions - Sabor'a Street's menu incorporates the culinary traditions of all of these regions with our own spin on the classics.”

Arepa meals run $9, slightly more expensive than some food trucks, but you get what you pay for.  And in the case of Sabor’a Street, you pay for tasty food and more of it.  Each lunch features meaty, substantial arepas, as well as a side---I got the barbecue pork arepas with fried yucca.  The meal was not only delicious, but also incredibly filling, something that is sometimes difficult to find in a food truck lunch.

Sarapu said she hopes that Sabor’a Street’s impact on D.C. extends beyond lunchtime.

“Food brings people together---it's a great place to start to build cultural awareness,” Sarapu said. “We hope to bring an understanding of Latin culture through our food.”

Check Sabor’a Street out on Twitter and Facebook to find out when they’ll be coming to a curbside near you!

"At the end of the day, our food is what matters,” Sarapu added.  “If we make good food, people will come."

Based on Sarapu’s theory, my guess is that Sabor’a Street will have quite the following for the foreseeable future.


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