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Best New Eatery in Dupont Circle | Restaurants

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Best New Eatery in Dupont Circle
Best New Eatery in Dupont Circle

When it comes to discovering new food joints, social media is a beautiful thing.

It wasn’t until I saw a tweet by @DupontCircleDC did I think to try Food Corner Kabob House, located at 2029 P Street, for lunch.  It’s a good thing I saw it, because Food Corner Kabob is the best new eatery I’ve been to in Dupont Circle.

“Had lunch at new Food Corner Kabob in Dupont Circle (P St between 20+21) and was blown away at how good it was” the tweet read.  Following the statement was the link to Food Corner Kabob’s Yelp page, where it was receiving stellar reviews. 

Five out five stars on Yelp is…well…something to yelp about.

“Best shop of its kind by far.  I immediately was impressed by the quality of the kabob bread, homemade from a slightly grainy flour that's a cut above most shops that only use bleached, flavorless white bread,” Wrote Andy N..

“I cannot praise their food highly enough. Their chicken was some of the best I have ever tasted.. in my life! It was grilled and seasoned to perfection, so tender and flavorful. The shami kabob was fantastic, cooked perfectly and seasoned well. I really enjoyed the lentils, as well as their fresh bread. Their yogurt sauce was excellent and a perfect complement to the chicken and shami kabob,” Wrote Dee B..

Each review was better than the last.  I had to try it. 

It was just as described…and then some.  Tucked away on the second floor of a small townhouse on P Street, Food Corner Kabob welcomes diners who enter with incredible smells that tickle their senses.

This is not your standard kabob shop.  The kind of food is similar to other kabob shops like Moby Dick, but the quality is on another level.

I got the chicken kabob platter that featured succulent chicken, flavorful rice, Afghan bread that is kind of a twist on Naan, and a combination of okra and chickpea sides---both of which were equally delicious.

While the restaurant has been open just a few months, my guess is that the food is so good that it will not remain a “hidden treasure” for long.

“This is our fifth location.  We started out in Virginia, and this is our first D.C. based location,” Said Kabob House manager Omar Sidiqi, whose father owns the restaurant.  “We’re trying to do something new.  We’re trying to bring the Afghan style authentic food to the Dupont Circle, D.C. area, and see how well we can do.”

Kabob House had four Virginia locations in Annandale, Tysons Corner, Centreville, and Springfield, before opening their fifth outlet on P Street.

“Kabobs are kind of hot in the market right now, it’s something that is popping up new,” Sidiqi said.  “What separates us from other kabob shops is we have a variety of things.  Not only do we have seafood kabobs like salmon, shrimp, and tilapia, but we also have a variety of vegetables.  So if you’re a vegetarian, you can come in and get something.  From salads to fresh breads to authentically cooked Afghan side dishes…I think that’s what we bring to the table.  It’s something we’re pretty proud of and happy about.”

The food is all incredibly fresh, the portions are large, and the prices are reasonable, especially for the Dupont neighborhood.  It’s for these reasons that I have dubbed Food Corner Kabob House as the best new food spot I’ve been to in Dupont. 

Food Corner is open Monday-Saturday 11:00 a.m.-10:00 p.m. and Sundays from noon-9:00 p.m..  

Have you been to Food Corner Kabob House?