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Baby Panda Watch At National Zoo | Pets

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Baby Panda Watch At National Zoo

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)--Is she or isn't she?  Is Mei Xiang--the National Zoo's giant female panda pregnant or not?

A spokesperson for the National Zoo tells 9NEWS NOW we could know tomorrow or in a few weeks.  "She is cradling objects and sleeping quite a bit more," says Lindsay Renick Mayer.  However this behavior is consistent with both a pregnancy or pseudo-pregnancy.


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Mayer tells 9NEWS NOW Mei Xiang did undergo an ultrasound Tuesday but it did not show anything.  But this really doesn't tell us much either way because detecting a pregnancy is very difficult in a giant panda.

You can watch Mei Xiang, and her male companion Tian Tian, live on the National Zoo's PandaCams


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9NEWS NOW checked in on the pair throughout Tuesday.  Every time, Mei Xiang was sound asleep.  In the afternoon she was curled up in a tight ball. A few hours later her head was resting on a concrete slab in her den.  At 7pm she could be seen on her back all stretched out with an occasional yawn and her left paw stretching out before falling back to sleep.

Meanwhile Tian Tian, the male giant panda, had his back to the camera in the afternoon as he slammed a metal bucket against the floor and between his paws.  Later in the evening he was spotted on the PandaCam chomping down on bamboo. 


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If you are planning a visit to the National Zoo to see the pandas you should know when they are inside, only Tian Tian will be on exhibit. Zoo officials are trying to give Mei Xiang as much rest and quiet as possible as we all await a possible birth....or not.