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Pet of the Week: Messenger | Pets

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Pet of the Week: Messenger

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) - This week's Washington Animal Rescue League's pet of the week is a tail-wagging charmer. Messenger is a 4-year-old Siberian husky mix. She was rescued, along with 22 other dogs, from a South Carolina puppy mill. Messenger and more than 200 other dogs of all sizes, ages and breeds, were found existing in unacceptable, deplorable conditions.

Luckily for Messenger, those grim days are in her past.  Like most survivors of puppy mills, Messenger is a timid dog with a sweet nature who just needs time, patience and affection to help bring out her true personality. In a loving home, this lovely girl whose markings are striking and whose eyes are soulful, will truly blossom.

Because Messenger is still being treated for heartworm, she is currently on a restricted exercise program at the WARL. But once her treatment is completed, Messenger will be ready for a more active lifestyle that will be fitting for a dog destined to be an affectionate, energetic companion.

You can meet Messenger at the WARL and decide if she will fit into your familiy.


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