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Could Biking Under The Influence Become An Issue for Capital Bikeshare?

Could Biking Under The Influence Become An Issue for Capital Bikeshare?

The Capital Bikeshare program is spreading across D.C. rapidly, as more and more people are taking part in the rent-a-bike system. 

Bikeshare offers its user the opportunity to rent bicycles at various stations throughout D.C. and Arlington, and subsequently return them to any other station in the area.

And while Bikeshare seems to be having great success thus far, and there really don’t seem to be many negatives to the program, could one crop up in the form of biking while intoxicated?

"That's A Lot Of Bags": D.C. Residents React to Bag Tax Netting $2 Million

D.C. city officials say the plastic bag tax netted a total of about $2 Million this year.  

Check out the video above to see how much D.C. locals guessed the tax brought in, and their amusing reactions when they heard the official number.

The Y Spreads Holiday Cheer Around the Metro Area

The Y Spreads Holiday Cheer Around the Metro Area

During the month of December, the YMCA of Metropolitan Washington’s volunteers and staff were able to spread holiday cheer all around the area.  Here’s a quick recap of 2 instances where our association was able to strengthen our connection to the community:

What Are Your Lasting Memories of 2010?

Just days away from the end of year, we asked Dupont Circle locals what they will remember most about 2010.  

From new relationships to national issues, everyone has their own lasting memory of 2010.  One man said he will always remember this year for the crisis in Haiti, while another said his most memorable moment of 2010 was seeing the Washington Capitals cheerleaders live.

So what's your lasting memory from this year?  There's no right or wrong answer...we just want to hear from you.

E-mail us your story to neighborhoodtips@wusa9.com and we might feature you on one of our Where You Live websites!

Holidays 2010 – ‘Tis the Season to Grow

Holidays 2010 – ‘Tis the Season to Grow

Year-end holiday stress on top of double-digit unemployment and an economy that threatens to relapse into recession has left many Americans feeling utterly helpless and hopeless.  This makes winter 2010 a perfect season for personal growth. 

We all experience key moments in both our personal and professional lives.  I define a ‘key moment’ as a triggering event or situation which presents a challenge and elicits (or demands) a response.  The important thing is not so much the moment itself, but how we respond to it.  

Because when a key moment occurs, we make an important choice to make.  Consciously or unconsciously, we will choose how we will respond.  In large measure, the quality of our lives, our happiness, and our personal effectiveness are determined by that response and how we handle the challenge of a key moment.  

Wiki Leaks and Whistleblowers: Why Private Information Goes Public

Ask an average person to name a whistleblower and they’re likely to think of ‘private citizens’ like Erin Brokovich, Karen Silkwood, and Jeffrey Wigand or journalists like Carl Berstein and Bob Woodward.  These red, white and blue American whistleblowers have been portrayed in Academy Award-winning movies as admirable people who had the courage to reveal wrongdoing in workplaces and government agencies in a spirit of justice.  

But are there other motivations that drive people to release sensitive documents and information that bring down companies and governments?  I believe the answer is yes.  Fame is certainly a motivator...and so is vengeance.  Employers in the private and public sectors that stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the link between employee engagement and corporate security are likely to find themselves the victims of leaks. 

DC Bartender wins National Model Search

DC Bartender wins National Model Search