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Shake Shack in Dupont Looking For Employees

Shake Shack in Dupont Looking For Employees

Shake Shack, the latest eatery to move into the Capital City and join the D.C. burger war, is looking for employees.

The burger spot, which will open its doors at 1216 18th Street NW in Dupont sometime in the near future, has the above sign pasted on their door.

Could be a decent gig---probably get some free burgers and shakes out of it too.

D.C. Residents React To Mayor Gray's Arrest

There has been tons of reaction, both locally and nationally, to last night's arrest of D.C. Mayor Vince Gray.  

But one voice has been somewhat overlooked in all of this: The voice of the D.C. people...your voice.

We hit Dupont Circle to see how a few D.C. residents felt about the Mayor's arrest.  Overall, the comments we heard were pretty supportive.  Check out the video above to see what these locals had to say.

How do you feel about the Mayor's arrest?  Do you think it was a smart move or a poor decision?

Sound off in the comments section below!

The Anatomy of a Sign Spinner: Could You Do This Man's Job?

Watch the video above: It features Chris Fojt, a sign spinner, who was working in front of the Farragut North Metro station today.  Fojt shows off some fancy moves and talks about the job of sign spinner.

So, after watching the video, we want to know if you think you could be a sign spinner.

Try out our new commenting feature section below.  

Just click on the post a comment space and let us know if you think you could do Fojt's job.

Local ‘Housewife’ creates Concert 4 Japan with Some Imagination and Determination

This story comes to us from Shelly Zocchi?:

All that was needed was a location and entertainment and the event would take off.  With a simple email to concert promoter, Midnight Sun Company, the company behind local cover band phenomenon Burnt Sienna definitively stated, “I like the idea,” and the rest was history!




OPOWER is an industry leader in Energy Efficiency and Smart Grid software. Through their patentpending approach, they have successfully converted large-scale customer engagement into a highly reliable energy efficiency program that delivers unprecedented energy savings to their utility partners. Modern DC Business recently sat down with OPOWER CEO Dan Yates and President Alex Lasky.

What does O stand for in OPOWER?
There’s no one answer: the O represents many different things to many different people, all of them positive. We love it for its openness, optimism, and limitless opportunity.

Your company provides a software solution in the cutting edge business of  Smart Grid. Please explain for non-industry experts why they should get excited about Smart  Grid? What does it mean to the average consumer?

Staying Fit Locally, Quit Making Excuses

Staying Fit Locally, Quit Making Excuses

It is predicted that, over the course of the present decade, Americans will be looking to spend less money on exercise options and a lot less time to it due to tighter budgets and hectic schedules. Combine that with a mostly unregulated commercial food industry that still relies heavily on inexpensive and low quality resources high in fat, salt and processed additives. Not enough time to move and poor food choices at the ready. This is our nation’s crisis with obesity, which is expected to climb as high as 85%, up from an already disheartening 60%. Prevention is possible, through awareness and a little creativity. While nutrition accounts largely for body fat content, exercise raises metabolism and muscle can fill up space previously occupied by fat cells. It’s a package deal. Making wholesome food choices (yes, it really is that easy—just do it) will give you energy to work burning fat.

A Latino Community Gathering with D.C.'s At-Large City Council Candidates

This community event comes to us from Melody Gonzales: