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Imagine: A Eulogy to Steve Jobs | People

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Imagine: A Eulogy to Steve Jobs
Imagine: A Eulogy to Steve Jobs

Today, Steve Jobs passed away from a rare form of pancreatic cancer.

He was a visionary . . . someone who didn't wait for others to do, but instead found sure and direct ways to do. Immediately. Indeed, he often introduced new ideas and methodology long before competitors.

You see, Steve Jobs believed. He believed in things that seem intangible to most, and he believed in his own imagination.

In his honor, won't you imagine . . .

  • the breadth of mankind's abililities if more people saw the world as Steve Jobs saw the world.
  • what we could accomplish if most people just decided to build something --- better yet, something magnificent --- in a readily available garage.
  • our world if most of us saw presently impossible as not only possible, but impending.
  • the things we could collectively accomplish . . . if most of us shared his deep and sincere belief in possibilities.

Thank you, Steven Paul Jobs. For your mind and for being a true visionary in only 56 years.

Thank you for always believing. For always trying. For endlessly doing. And for always remembering to imagine.