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Ginuwine's DC Surprise Birthday Bash

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)-- Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports from R&B singer Ginuwine's surprise birthday party at posh DC rooftop bar Eden.

Don't Let The Costume's Fool You

WASHINGTON (WUSA) --It looks more like a costume party than a sports competition as the eight women pose for their pictures.  But the fact of the matter is they're all about to engage in something pretty unique.   Would you believe they were all dressed up to arm wrestle?  "Being in an arm wrestling competition is pretty much as far from my normal life as you could possibly get," says Andrea Kavanagh, who works for an Environmental company. 

Chilean Embassy Issues Open Invitation To Celebrate Rescue

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Smiles and laughter tonight at the Chilean Embassy as staffers set up a big party in the front driveway to celebrate the rescue of 33 trapped miners who may now be just hours from fresh air and freedom.

The embassy is inviting Americans and Chileans to gather and watch the rescue on a huge tv screen set up outside. They've blown up the note the miners sent up through a tiny bore hole saying they were safe inside a refuge. And they're inviting everyone to sign a book that they'll send to the miners.

The miners have spent more than two months trapped about a half mile underground in a collapsed gold and copper mine. It may be the longest anyone has been trapped underground and survived.

Michelle Rhee Resigns As DC School Chancellor

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Michelle Rhee announced Wednesday she will resign as DC Chancellor of Schools, answering the question on many peoples' minds after Vincent Gray defeated Andrian Fenty last month in the DC mayoral primary election.

"Reforms will continue," Rhee said, in a somewhat elated tone.

Deputy Chancellor Kaya Henderson will replace Rhee in the interim.

"I have known and worked with Kaya for the past three and a half years, and I can tell you, she is an unbelievable candidate," Rhee said.

Henderson thanked Rhee for the opportunity to continue what she called the "immense progress," they teamed up to make in the past three years.

"I've worked in the DC school system for the past 13 years and I never imagined we could reach such heights," Henderson said.

'Midnight in Marrakesh' Supports Washington's Start Ups

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)-- Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports the Nest Foundation celebrates Morocco while helping local businesses and Crafty Bastards come to DC.  

Parking Meter Relief?

WASHINGTON D.C. (WUSA) - City Council Member Jack Evans wants to rollback the parking meter increase that was passed in Spring.

The Ward 2 representative is getting more complaints about the meters than any other issue. It costs $2 to park for one hour in premium parking zones. He wants to bring it back to when one dollar bought you an hour.

Evans said he also wants to allow for free parking after 6:30 pm. Currently, parking meter enforcement can dole out the expired meter tickets until 10pm in premium parking zones.

"I work around here and I see them giving out tickets all the time. It's outrageous and they're just preying on people like vultures," said JoAnn Slaight on a Friday night in Chinatown. "Last night at Massachusetts Avenue at 20 minutes before 10pm, I was going to my car and I saw a meter person giving out 10 tickets. "

Suspect in Hit and Run Released

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- Jorida Davidson, the suspect in the deadly hit and run accident in Dupont Circle early Thursday morning, was released by a DC superior court judge Friday afternoon.

The judge said she would have to turn in her Albanian passport, so she wouldn't be a flight risk. The judge also suspended her driving privileges.

Davidson is a citizen of Albania, but she's been in the United States for the past 12 years. She has a green card and she's married to an American citizen.

She pleaded not guilty to voluntary manslaughter today in DC Superior Court. The judge said she can be released once her passport is turned in to the court.