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<a href="http://dupontcircle.wusa9.com/content/dating-dc-could-boost-tourism"> Dating In DC Could Boost Tourism</a>

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- In an effort to boost the local economy, one DC organization is billing the district as a city that can be a great place to for dating, love and relationships.

Carla Hall, a former cast member of the reality show "Top Chef," will be leading the new campaign as the "Secretary of Love and Relationships."

"I, Carla Hall, do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the office of secretary of love and relationships for the District of Columbia," Hall said in a tongue-and-cheek swearing in ceremony.

"As Madame Secretary I'm going to do everything in my power to bring people to Washington, DC, to help them find wonderful things to do with their loved ones, while promoting unique things to do right here in this city," Hall said.

Hall is tasked with implementing a 28-Day Stimulus Plan to spark romance and rekindle business in the District.

The National Marathon Adds Relay Race

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- In two months, two weeks and less than two days roughly 15,000 - 18,000 runners will be pounding the pavement of the District of Columbia and 9NEWS NOW will broadcast the event live.

The SunTrust National Marathon has grown from less than 3,000 runners six years ago to the popular event it is today.  This year WUSA 9 is joining to partner with organizers.

"It's a big deal and a great showcase for the community," said WUSA9's General Manager Allen Horlick.  "We're expecting to raise around half a million dollars from this event for local charities in 2011."

First Murder Case Against Suspect Was 'Thin'

WASHINGTON, D.C.  (WUSA) -- It didn't take long for police to realize the killing of Roosevelt Brockington at Suburban Hospital was not random. They say 49-year-old Keith Little stabbed his boss more than 70 times out of revenge.

Montgomery County State's Attorney John McCarthy said, "It is quite apparent that the individual, Mr. Little, who is in custody, knew the victim in this case. And actually, the victim in this case was his supervisor who evaluated his job performance and did not evaluate it well."

Little's been charged with murdering a co-worker before. He and man named Gordon Rollins were maintenance workers at D.C. apartment building. Police say Rollins had told their supervisor that Little was stealing company tools and sneaking into apartments. He was shot to death February 3, 2003. A witness heard it.

DC's Vote Officially Gone

WASHINGTON (AP) -- One of the first acts of the new Republican-controlled House is to take away the floor voting rights of six delegates representing areas such as the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, Guam and American Samoa.

Five of those delegates are Democrats, while one, from the Northern Marianas Islands, is an independent.

The GOP decision to rescind the ability of delegates to vote on amendments on the House floor was the predictable outcome of a longtime dispute.

Democrats extended those voting rights in 1993 when they controlled the House. Republicans disenfranchised the delegates when they became the majority in 1995, and Democrats restored delegate rights when they regained control in 2007.

Virgin Islands Delegate Donna Christensen calls the Republican action "a very undemocratic way" to start the new Congress.

"That's A Lot Of Bags": D.C. Residents React to Bag Tax Netting $2 Million

D.C. city officials say the plastic bag tax netted a total of about $2 Million this year.  

Check out the video above to see how much D.C. locals guessed the tax brought in, and their amusing reactions when they heard the official number.

DC May Collect Mega-Millions, In Unpaid Fines

WASHINGTON (WUSA) -- The District is owed more than 300 million dollars in outstanding parking tickets and fines that date back for years.

The DMV under Mayor Adrian Fenty had a plan for an amnesty for
violators and that plan may be implemented by the new administration
under Mayor Vincent Gray.

While its far from a done deal, Officials today expressed support in
private conversations. DC Council members, including Chairman Kwame
Brown and Mary Cheh also seemed to support an amnesty in their comments.

The amnesty story was first reported Tuesday by the Washington Examiner.

DMV Officials confirm they have considered a program whereby people
who haven't paid their tickets would be allowed to pay the original
fine. The added penalties would be forgiven.

It would be welcome news to drivers who got tickets today outside the
DMV where they were already trying to pay existing tickets.

Bier Baron Opens At Former Brickskeller, Famed Beer Bar

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) --- Bier Baron opened its downstairs bar with over 500 varieties of beer on the menu. The new beer tavern welcomed customers less than a week after the famed DC watering hole, Brickskeller, shut down at the same location on 22nd St., NW near Dupont Circle.

When Bier Baron's owner, Megan Merrifield, bought the place, she knew the place came with plenty of personality.

DC locals and visitors considered Brickskeller a beer "institution" that opened in 1957. The watering hole earned a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for offering the most varieties of beer at 1, 072. 

Dave and Diane Alexander sold Brickskeller to Megan Merrifield and her husband. The former owners left 300 varieties of beer with the Bier Baron.

Eve Maier is one of the beer experts at Bier Baron. She worked for Brickskeller starting in 2002.