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Insights on Bombing Suspects' Backgrounds from Social Media

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA9) -- On the Russian equivalent of Facebook called V-Kontakte or VK, Dzhokar Tsarnaev's "Liked" pages include several related to Islam. One page shares the quote: "Let it be in our hearts...make good because Allah loves those who do good."

There's also a video featuring his older brother Tamerlan Tsarnaev, in which he speaks in different Russian accents or dialects, seemingly mocking them. Tamerlan's formative years were spent as a refugee in the capital city of Dagestan, a predominately Muslim republic with an Islamic insurgency that spilled over from neighboring Chechnya, which has experienced nearly two decades of war and instability.

Inside the Blast Radius: What the Texas Explosion Would Do to D.C.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA) -- Wednesday's fertilizer plant explosion took place in a rural Texas town with a population of 2,800.  But imagine if a similar explosion were to take place in a big city.  Watch as Kristin Fisher breaks down just how devastating it could be for a city like Washington.




Metropolitan Performing Arts Alliance raised $5,000 at their first Annual Benefit Concert to go toward construction of their new Alliance Theatre in Alexandria, Va. MFAC is working toward a fundraising goal of $100,000 to complete the theatre project. Visit www.metrofinearts.com for more information.

Metropolitan Youth Ballet, Metropolitan Youth Tap Ensemble and iMpulse Jazz Ensemble performed at the Metropolitan Performing Arts Alliance Benefit Concert.

“We are so grateful to the community for helping our dance companies get closer to our goal of building the Alliance Theater,” said Melissa Dobbs, executive director of the Metropolitan Fine Arts Center in Alexandria, Va.

HBO announces "The Newsroom" season 2 premiere date

(CBS) -- This just in -- "The Newsroom" now has a season 2 premiere date.

On Friday, HBO officially announced that the sophomore season of the drama series will debut on July 14.

Created and executive produced by Aaron Sorkin and starring Jeff Daniels as veteran TV journalist Will MacAvoy, "The Newsroom" drew a mixed reception from critics when it first premiered last June. Despite this, HBO quickly renewed the series for a second season and the show received two nominations at this year's Golden Globes -- one for best drama series and a best actor nod for Daniels.

In January, it was revealed that Marcia Gay Harden would be joining the cast as a litigator defending the fictional news agency featured on "The Newsroom" from a wrongful termination suit.

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Area Public Schools Turn On Air Conditioning Early

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) ---  Look up the air conditioning status for your area public school.


How many schools within the school system have air conditioning?
All of them.  

What date do you turn on the air conditioning in the schools?
The date is usually April 15th.

May individual schools turn them on EARLIER than this designated date?

Yes. The A/C got turned on this week because of the heat.
(Week of April 8, 2013)


Japanese Ambassador Highlights The Meaning Of The Cherry Blossom Festival

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) --- The 101st National Cherry Blossom Festival features more than just the fabulous blossoms by the Tidal Basin.

"Cherry Blossoms symbolize the friendship for many years between Japan and the United States," said Kenichiro Sasae, the Japanese Ambassador to the U.S.

Ambassador Sasae arrived four months ago to serve his post in Washington. He spoke to anchorwoman, JC Hayward, on Tuesday on WUSA 9 at Noon.

"Especially this spring season, it's wonderful to come," he said of the annual spring tradition of pink blossoms.

Obama, Scorsese, Winfrey lead tributes to Roger Ebert

(USA TODAY) -- President Obama led a chorus of voices paying tribute to legendary film critic Roger Ebert, who died Thursday at the age of 70 after a prolonged battle with cancer.

The fellow Chicagoan and Pulitzer Prize-winning writer "was the movies," Obama said. "The movies won't be the same without Roger, and our thoughts and prayers are with (Ebert's wife) Chaz and the rest of the Ebert family," Obama said.

Director Martin Scorsese, who is executive-producing a documentary on Ebert, called the passing "an incalculable loss for movie culture and for film criticism. And it's a loss for me personally."