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Truck protest still on for Friday | News

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Truck protest still on for Friday

WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Thousands of truckers are still promising to ring the Beltway Friday in a kind of general strike against the government.

It's hard to know how many will actually show up. Virginia State Police say they are monitoring the situation. But that as long as the truckers obey the law, they won't intervene.
The truckers say they'll gather at the Doswell Truck Stop Friday morning at seven and then head north.

One guy told US News they had blockade the Beltway, even head up Constitution Avenue and try and handcuff some members of Congress -- although he now says that was just a ploy to gain attention from the mainstream media.

On YouTube, organizers are promising massive disruption starting Friday and running through the weekend. "We got a load of crap riding around America that ain't worth hauling and it's time we shut it down," says an unidentified protestor.

They're calling it the Ride For the Constitution, and it starts with a whole series of complaints about the struggles of truck drivers, but then organizers veer into wild rants about what they call treasonous government officials. It focuses on the President.

"I don't think President Obama obeys the Constitution. I think he just passes them as he sees fit. He reminds me of a dictator," trucker Jeff Hartley told me in Doswell..

The protest seems to have hit a raw vein of anger. "I used to be in business for myself, and Obama run me out," said one trucker who didn't want to give his name, but had a hard time explaining why the President is responsible for his business troubles.

'Our forefathers would flip over in the grave. It's them the government, not we the people anymore,' said another trucker, who says he's furious at both Republicans and Democrats.

Zeeda Andrews, he woman leading the Ride For the Constitution website is now disavowing Earl Conlon, the Georgia trucker who promised three lanes of trucks barricading the Beltway -- and the arrest of Members of Congress for allegedly disregarding the Constitution.

The sometime radio talk show host and former Mack Trucks spokesmodel, says 3,000 truckers have already promised to participate.

But we didn't talk to any truckers here who were certain they'd take part and state officials think this may be mostly hot air.


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