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Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream Sales Red-Hot In Summer Heat | News

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Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream Sales Red-Hot In Summer Heat

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Temperatures in the Washington area are expected to reach the high-90s this week. While Washingtonians are sweating, some local business owners are smiling. Sales of tart frozen yogurt and ice cream are surging.

Aaron Gorden is the owner and "Chief Yogurt Taster" of TangySweet, one of the first tart frozen yogurt shops to hit the DC scene. "Our business is up about 300 percent over the winter... But our sales are up 30 to 40 percent over last summer," Gorden says.

Frozen yogurt isn't the only cold comfort benefiting from this exruciating heat. Ice cream sales are up too.  The National Ice Cream Retailers Association reports that industry sales are up about 25 percent.

Something Sweet in Friendship Heights has been enjoying a strong summer. "Ice cream has been great actually... Our sales are up significantly from last summer. It's been around 30 percent," says Katie Jeffrey, manager of Something Sweet. Tart frozen yogurt has been selling well too. "It's pretty equal in terms of sales as ice cream," Jeffrey says.

Written by Jessica Doyle
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