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Food Shake-Up on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont: Rogue States Out (For Now), Panera Bread In |

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Food Shake-Up on Connecticut Avenue in Dupont: Rogue States Out (For Now), Panera Bread In

It was about a week ago that I heard the news that Rogue States, my very favorite late-night snack joint in the entire city, had been legally ordered to stop operations after a law firm attached to the building filed a claim that the fumes from the burger spot were making employees sick.

Rogue States, my late night house of hamburger wonder, would no longer be in my life. 

I was devastated.

Instantly, visions of flame-grilled thick beef patties, tasty toppings, and sweet potato fries danced through my head, as I realized that, at least until they are approved to re-open their Connecticut Avenue doors, the love fest between Rogue States and I was over.  Rogue was gone, leaving my life, and furthermore my post-midnight stomach, empty.  And I didn't even get to say goodbye.

But after the rain comes the sun, and in the case of Dupont Circle, Rogue States' departure is the rain and the arrival of Panera Bread is most certainly the sun.

Panera, which for some reason does not currently have a location in D.C., is opening up shop right next to the Dupont Metro on Connecticut Avenue.  They have begun construction on the interior of 1350 Connecticut Avenue, which used to be occupied by Lawson's Gourmet.  While there are Paneras just outside the city in Arlington and Chevy Chase, the Dupont location will be the first in D.C. proper.

While Panera will not replace Rogue States(they serve completely different fare anyway), this will be a wonderful addition to the Dupont community.  Let's hope Rogue can return, but if they cannot, Panera's arrival will make things easier to swallow.

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