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Dupont Hidden Treasure: The Well Dressed Burrito |

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Dupont Hidden Treasure: The Well Dressed Burrito

To me, D.C., like any big city, is about finding the hidden treasure. 

You know, the kind of place that you stumble upon one day out of nowhere, only to discover that its an absolute gem.

It was about five months ago that one of these wonderfully coincidental occurences happened to me.

It was some time in April and I was walking from the Dupont Circle Metro over to Georgetown.  I began walking down 19th Street, and then to save time, I took a right just before Mai Thai into that little side alley that connects 19th to 20th Street. 

And there it was.

There was no big awning, nor eye-catching lights.  There was a door...just a door.

And above that oh so non-descript door was a small hanging sign that read “The Well Dressed Burrito”.

It was not the first time I had heard of WDB, just the first time I had seen it in the flesh.

I had been told stories by friends about absurdly large, absurdly delicious, and shockingly affordable Mexican-inspired food that was served at Well Dressed---stories that sounded much more like fables.

So there I was, in the middle of that little back-alley, staring blankly at a brick wall and an uninspiring door. 

Inside WDB, things aren’t really any different than the outside.  There’s a small eating area with a couple of tiny tables to sit and a small counter to order.

But forget the aesthetics: The food is unbelieveably good,  the portions are huge, and the meal is an absolute steal of a deal.

The menu is pretty stacked for a place that is only open Monday-Friday from 11:45 A.M.-2:45 P.M.. 

Salads, burritos, fajitas, and chimichangas are menu staples, and there are different burrito, salad, and grilled specials daily.

The burritos, which are even more colossal than those of Chipotle if you can believe that, cost less than $7, and the various meats and salsas all have a distinct, deep flavor.

So the next time you’re walking around down 19th on 20th streets, take a turn down that side alley and try The Well Dressed Burrito, it’s one of Dupont’s true hidden treasures.