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The Best Quick Lunch Spot I've Ever Eaten In Dupont Circle | Restaurants

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The Best Quick Lunch Spot I've Ever Eaten In Dupont Circle
The Best Quick Lunch Spot I've Ever Eaten In Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is filled with delicious, quick lunch spots that cater to all of the office buildings and locals that walk the streets of the Northwest community every day. But to me, one small joint stands above the rest, because of its unique flavors and incredible options.  That is why the Well Dressed Burrito in the alley off of 19th Street is the best quick lunch spot I’ve ever eaten at in Dupont Circle.

Well Dressed Burrito sits in the middle of the little back-alley that connects 19th and 20th streets.  Its existence is only signaled by the small sign that hangs above a door in the middle of a long brick wall.

Inside WDB, things aren’t really any different than the outside.  There’s a small eating area with a couple of tiny tables to sit and a small counter to order.

But forget the aesthetics: The food is unbelievably good, the portions are huge, and the meal is an absolute steal of a deal.

In a neighborhood that boasts tons of fancy restaurants like The Palm or Circa that will hurt your wallet and eat up time, Well Dressed Burrito is a hole-in –the-wall where you can get great food for cheap during your short lunch break.

While Well Dressed Burrito is only open from Monday-Friday from 11:45 A.M.-2:45 P.M., their menu is incredibly extensive.

Salads, burritos, fajitas, and chimichangas are menu staples, but the eatery really wins customers over with their specials, which change daily. 

“Favorite things (on the menu) are always the specials.  It’s always something that’s a creation every day,” Well Dressed Burrito manager Tom Dow said.  “We never know what we’re doing until that day and everything is prepared fresh.  Pretty much everything that you order is going to be made to order.  Nothing’s out of a can or frozen, everything is going to be made fresh that day.”

The burritos, which are even more colossal than those of Chipotle if you can believe that, cost less than $7.  Get one thing straight though, while Well Dressed Burrito does serve food fast, it is not a spot for “fast food”.

“We don’t ever try to say that we’re fast food by any means,” Dow said.  “There are an assembly line of places that just turn people over and we just don’t do that.”

If you haven’t had a Well Dressed Burrito lunch and you work in the Dupont Circle, Farragut, or Foggy Bottom areas, I would highly recommend getting over there as soon as possible to try it for yourself.  The menu has something for everyone and the virtually everything I’ve ever eaten there is full of flavor.

“It’s just a place that’s a hit in D.C.,” Dow said.  “We’re kind of a secret place and D.C.’s such a transient place, so (when you’re nearby) why not stop in and taste a little bit of what D.C. has to offer?”

What’s your favorite lunch spot in Dupont Circle?


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