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"The Best Downtown D.C. Food Truck Lunch I Ever Ate" | Restaurants

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"The Best Downtown D.C. Food Truck Lunch I Ever Ate"
"The Best Downtown D.C. Food Truck Lunch I Ever Ate"

In the first installment of "The Best Thing I Ever Ate: D.C.", I wrote about "The Best Sandwich I Ever Ate" in Capitol Hill. In this, the second edition, I will examine "The Best Downtown D.C. Food Truck Lunch I Ever Ate".

The rise of the Downtown D.C. food truck industry has been incredibly well documented, and the numbers continue to grow.  While certain trucks have a better reputation than others, there really is no one "best" food truck, and obviously, beyond that, there is no consensus "best food truck lunch."  I would guess that if you asked ten Downtown D.C. food truck customers what their favorite food truck meal was, you'd probably get ten different answers.

So, with that said, this is my opinion, and by no means do I claim to be the authority.

Virtually every food truck meal I've tried I've enjoyed, but several stand out above the rest in my mind.

Two of my favorites are the Bulgogi steak tacos from Takorean, and the Beef Berbere sold at the Fojol Brothers' Benethiopian truck. Sorry for the lack of vegetarian recommendations.

But to me, the best food truck meal I've ever eaten is Sauca's Pork Banh Mi.  Other Sauca meals I have tried include the Mexicali Fish Taco, Mumbai Butter Chicken, and the Beef Shawarma, and they have all been delicious.  But there's something about the Pork Banh Mi that always pulls me back.

If you are Banh Mi traditionalist or have been to Vietnam and are expecting Sauca's version to be an authentic Banh Mi, this probably is not for you.  But if you are looking for a lunch meal that packs a ton of flavor in a flatbread wrap, then hop on the Banh Mi bandwagon.

This Sauca wrap features melt-in-your-mouth shredded pork infused with Asian flavors like ginger, soy, and chili.  The true power of the flavors, though, is revealed in the sweet sauces (peanut and Thai coconut) and the pickled vegetables (carrots and I think radish).  The depth and complexity of the flavors in Sauca's Banh Mi is something that is hard to find in a food truck lunch, or even a restaurant lunch for that matter.

Sauca's Pork Banh Mi costs $8 regularly, but this week, Sauca is running a $6 for any meal holiday promotion.  What better time to try the Banh Mi if you haven't already?

Have a food type/location idea for our "Best I Ever Ate" series?  Send me an e-mail at slandau@wusa9.com.

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