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ACKC: Your Valentine's Day Sweet Spot
ACKC: Your Valentine's Day Sweet Spot

Ivana Vukolic has only been working at ACKC, Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections, for 3 months, but she knows that, “It is always crazy for Valentine’s Day, especially the day before because they (men) always wait until the last minute,” she chuckled.

ACKC is the perfect spot to pick up some sweet treats for that special someone. You can pick out what truffles you would like, and which size box. They also have a special Valentine’s Day box pictured below. Vukolic’s favorite truffles are the Chipotle Cinnamon and the Lavender Pistachio.

The thought of a chocolate flavored like Chipotle Cinnamon seemed pretty gross to me, but I had to see what this was all about. I was pleasantly surprised; it wasn’t too spicy and pretty delicious! I was amused at all of the different flavors they had. To name a few there was expresso cup, pumpkin cheesecake, fig and cognac, irish crème, mimosa twist, toasted coconut, brie, honey ginger, champagne, cool vanilla, hot chocolate truffle, pomegranate, and tiramisu. “I still haven’t tried them all…there are so many! We have lots of seasonal ones too, like we have eggnog for the winter,” said Vukolic.

Vukolic said their best seller is always the Fleur de sel Caramels, which is a bourbon vanilla with sea salt. “As soon as we get it, it sells out,” she said. Vukolic imagines there will be a lot of people coming in on February 14th to enjoy the cocoa bar, but she is expecting the day before to be bustling with last minute shoppers. 

ACKC has two locations: one in Del Ray Alexandria at 2003 Mt. Vernon Avenue and the other at 1529 14th Street in NW DC. The one in Alexandria is a little bit more cozy and small, but both are perfect spots to grab some hot chocolate or a truffle with a friend or a date.  ACKC was on the top 10 list for hot chocolate spots in the U.S., so if you don’t pick up some chocolates for Valentine’s Day, you will have to stop in to try one of their unique hot chocolates. Many of the truffles inspired the flavors of the hot cocoa, so you can imagine you will be in for a treat.

Here is the pricing for the premium truffles:

Each            $1.95

2 Piece Box            $4.25

4 Piece Box            $7.95

6 Piece Box            $12.00

12 Piece Box            $24.00

24 Piece Box            $46.00